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I am creating this blog in order to facilitate the organization of roleplaying games between the fans of the Paizo Pathfinder RPG located in Sydney and around. I will start sending invites to the people who met in June at the unformal paizonian pub gathering and I hope that others will contribute to this blog, and eventually meet together to play.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Polls results

Thanks a lot for taking the time to vote!

So here are the final results and they look promising:

  • we have 4 players-only and 6 who can either DM or play
  • we have 7 who prefer to play on Saturday night, 6 on Friday night and 6 on Sunday afternoon
  • we have 2 who'd like to play weekly, 5 biweekly and 2 monthly

Based on the above results, I think we should be able to start a biweekly game on Saturday night with around 7 people! Assuming that those who want to play weekly are ok to play on a fortnight basis instead and that these 7 are also the ones that want to play on Saturday night... For those of you who want to play only monthly, we could discuss this the first time we meet. If you didn't have the chance to vote, let a comment on this post.

I am setting up a new poll for one week about when and where do we want to meet for the first time, starting with Saturday week and the Saturdays after.

I propose that the first time we meet, we decide on who is the DM, if we have 2 DM rotating (which might be the best for those who only want to play monthly but might be more complicate to organize on the long run), etc., create characters and so on. Let's try to keep it simple and running :D

Cheers, Jerome (Faenor)

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  1. Hey, my boyfriend and I are interested in playing. If you could get back to me with some information? Thanks, Maddie